Musical toys

Musical toys

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1.Baby Einstein: Meet the Orchestra. First instruments
Fnac price: 23.95 euros
Created by a mom to reflect a baby's unique perspective, Baby Einstein® videos enrich, stimulate and promote limitless opportunities for interaction with your child. Baby Einstein introduces the little ones, in each one of the stages of growth, to the first words, to the animals, to the colors, to the shapes, to the numbers, and more, in fun and friendly ways. In addition, all our music has been reorchestrated for the ears of the little ones.

So Smart !: musical instruments
Fnac price: 12.95 euros
It introduces the little ones to the sounds of classical music by Mozart, Hayah, Bach and other great composers, while the sound of a single instrument appears linked to the adventure of a different animal. Children develop their listening and auditory discrimination skills in this unique musical experience by distinguishing the tone of each instrument.
+ 3 years.

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Video: Learn Music Instruments Names With Funny Larry Surprise Eggs. Drums, Guitar, Trumpet u0026 More! (July 2022).


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