Stories with flavor and love not only for children

Stories with flavor and love not only for children

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Nothing better than a story to whet the appetite of children. But I'm not talking about a simple cookbook. I am referring to a book that, through curious and attractive characters, explains to children what they are going to eat and why they should.

How many times did I start to prepare a different and healthy dish for my daughter, so that in the end she would refuse to eat it or even try it. How often! Feeding a child is not always an easy task. Everything is tried, I admit, but the result is not always as expected. However, everything is changing. Right now, there are tons of resources to help children try and eat everything. I have just received a book that I found very interesting and very appropriate for people who experience situations like the ones I experienced with my daughter.

With the help of a brave tomato, a strawberry queen, a carrot fairy, and other characters, The big pot mix vegetables, fruits, and other foods, and ends up preparing an attractive and simple culinary dish, so that not only children but the whole family eat and enjoy it. Chicken paella, homemade ham croquettes, meatballs with potatoes, and salmon whiting, are just some of the recipes in the book. Recipes that are prepared with a lot of humor and fun.The big pot It is a guide, a method that facilitates the control of the necessary food for each day of the month. It contains appetizing stories, with narratives full of tasty recipes accompanied by the author's own illustrations, which follow rules that teach and introduce children about what they are going to eat and why they should do it. They bring knowledge and values ​​not only to children but also to parents and educational professionals.The big potRous - Ed. Slovento.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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