A Complete Guide to Toys and Games

A Complete Guide to Toys and Games

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Imagine that you are going to buy a toy for your son or for a friend of his who is on his birthday, and you do not know what to choose, which toy is the most advisable for his age, if it is a safe toy, etc. Well, the toy guide has just come out, a manual prepared every year by the Toy Industry Research Association (AIJU), free of charge.

The guide, carried out by extensive research by a team of experts, is aimed at parents, childhood experts, as well as toy manufacturers. In it, you can find complete information about toys, the one that is most recommended according to the age of the children, the one that will favor their development and growth, or the one that will exert a special stimulation, according to the capacity and need of the children. children. The guide also teaches us to identify the different stamps that are on the packaging of toys.

The toys recommended in the Guide were exhaustively studied to demonstrate their suitability for use and their educational and recreational value. The selection of toys that the manual presents is part of a long process of observation, analysis and evaluation that is coordinated by the Association. Well, better than knowing for us what the guide contains, will be to visualize it. Here you have it:

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