Interviews with GuiaInfantil IV

Interviews with GuiaInfantil IV

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. has prepared some interviews with people who, in some way or another, develop an educational or health activity related to childhood. The interviews selected by our site are not accidental. There is a previous interest and a previous expectation, especially for the topics highly demanded by parents.
Our objective is to investigate, inform (reproducing opinions and opinions), and make our readers learn from the personal and professional experiences of our interviewees. it is open to all suggestions and opinions that readers may have. If you have an interest in a particular topic, let us know. Your collaboration is very important to us. Thanks.

Dr. César García Fontecha
She is a pediatric orthopedist at the Hospital Vall D'Hebron in Barcelona and has answered some questions on our site about the use of baby carriers.

Carmen Pont
She is a specialist in Nutrition, has a degree in Pharmacy and a Bopan collaborator. In this interview, she recommends that children eat 5 meals and exercise daily to avoid being overweight.

Akasha Kaur
She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, instructor and promoter of the 'Happy Pregnancy' workshop, author of the book with the same name, and of 'Meditation for pregnancy', her second book.

Immaculate Balsells
She is a classical guitar soloist, creator of the 'Balsells' method and teacher of Creative Classes: She ensures that children do not need to have a special talent to enjoy the musical instrument.

Beatriz Garcia Cuartero
He is a doctor at the Pediatric Endocrinology Service of the Severo Ochoa Hospital and a member of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Endocrinology (SEEP). It gives advice on how to act against childhood diabetes.

Elena Martinez Albertos
She is co-director, pedagogical advisor and family consultant for SWIMandCOACH. In this interview, she talks about midwifery, a technique that arouses the interest of many parents every day.

Javier Urra
He is a doctor in Psychology, the first Defender of the Minor of the Community of Madrid and author of the book 'The little dictator. When parents are the victims', where he talks about the tyranny of some children.

Amaya saez
She is the director of the 'Menudos Corazones Foundation'. It helps families of children with heart problems in all psychosocial aspects, from the moment they find out that their child has heart disease.

Francisco Xavier Mendez
He is a professor of Psychology at the University of Murcia. In his book 'Fears and fears in childhood', he assures that fear works as if it were the child's bodyguard.

Ana Postigo
She is a chartered naturopath and an expert Feng-Shui consultant. She recommends us what details we should consider when decorating a baby and / or child's room.

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