Pregnancy video: 41 weeks

Pregnancy video: 41 weeks

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41 weeks pregnant: Fast facts

Your baby may now weigh almost 8 pounds and stretches a bit beyond 20 inches long.

If you feel your baby moving less than usual, tell your doctor or midwife right away.

What not to bring to the birth: jewelry, lots of cash or other valuables, medications, diapers, or a breast pump.

Your hospital can provide meds, diapers, and a pump. (Talk to your doctor ahead of time about medication needs.)

If your partner (or a friend or relative) is going to coach you through labor, provide some guidance: Search for "labor coach tips" on BabyCenter.

Is it true that spicy foods can trigger labor? Unfortunately, no – there's no scientific evidence that any spice or food can kick your labor into gear.

our site mom tip: "On days when I felt really exhausted, I'd stay in bed with the bassinet nearby, nursing my daughter and sleeping when she slept. That helped me get through the first few months."

You've got this!

Video production by SALT Project.

Watch the video: INDUCTION BIRTH VLOG. 41 WEEKS PREGNANT (July 2022).


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