Bedtime routine: Nesting Story (Episode 3)

Bedtime routine: Nesting Story (Episode 3)

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Mike: What is happening?

Joanna: Bath time!

Mike: Pile up!

Joanna: Okay.

Mike: If I can get my other arm free, then you're all in big trouble.

Joanna: Good evening, it's Joanna.

And I wanted to invite you to follow along with our bedtime routine with our four kids.

We just finished dinner, and we need to do baths and showers.

It is a Sunday evening, and we're about to jump into our school and daycare routine tomorrow.

So I wanted to show you how we tackle bedtime with four kids in our house.

Now our bedtime routine has evolved over the years.

We have gone from having babies to our twins when they were babies, and it's always changed depending on age and my husband, Mike's, work schedule.

So he used to have a long commute.

It's a bit shorter now, and so he's more involved in bedtime routine again.

So here's a bit of a flashback as to how our bedtime routines have evolved over the years.

Joanna: That's my dragon. It's wings are so bumpy.

Night night, Everly.

Night night, sweetie.

Night night, Mia.

Night night, pumpkin.

You've got to get changed first.

We're gonna read a book?

Beau: We're going to make – want to see videos at night.

And I think tomorrow that a bear will come because my daddy and Holden are going to a cottage.

So, we're staying here [mumbles] and me and mommy and Everly and Mia and [mumbles] have a movie night.

Joanna: Are you excited?

Beau: And have games.

Joanna: Okay, it's time for baths and showers.

Beau: Get off daddy, guys.

Mike: What is happening?

Joanna: Bath time.

Mike: Pile up!

Joanna: Okay.

Mike: If I can get my other arm free, then you're all in big trouble.

Holden, stop flailing wildly.

You're gonna hit me in the face.

Joanna: Hey, bath time.

What do we sing?

Bath time, bath time, for Mia and Everly.

Oh, just for Mia and Everly?

Oh, no.

Bath time.

Joanna: We are never gonna get them up there, oh my gosh.

Hey, can you carry two up?

Mia: I be carried like that me?

Joanna: Like that me?

Mike: Okay, you carry me now.

Joanna: And use these two towels, okay?

Bath time has evolved a lot in our house.

And when I first had our twins, I really had to – oh, no splashing – I really had to figure out how this was gonna work.

So, initially, Mike and I would take turns doing almost, like, assembly line with the baby bath.

And then eventually, when they got a little older, I used an inflatable bath inside the tub.

Now I bathe them together, but I also do a couple of other things to make my life a little easier.

One thing is I put a baby gate on their bedroom door.

This goes on at night and during bath time and getting ready.

Otherwise, they will just continuously run away from me.

Everly: Is [mumbles] flounder?

Real flounder.

Mike: So, twins just finished up their bath, and we're just getting them dressed.

Holden's in here helping us out as well, but we've gotta get their diapers.

So, we keep their diapers –

Holden: I'm getting tortured.

Mike: He's getting tortured.

We keep their diapers in their closet.

I know we keep them down here, and there's plastic bags and all that, which can be dangerous.

So we're mindful that when they're empty we get rid of them.

We keep the closet latch shut.

So now that we have the diapers there's no other reason to be in here.

So we latch it for two reasons.

First reason we latch it is for their safety.

So they can't get in there and get into things that would cause them harm during the night or during their naps.

And second reason is for our sanity, because they've gotten in there before, and they've taken every single diaper and every single wipe out of all the containers we had in there and just littered the floors with them.

So, yeah, saves us from having to clean them up.

You know, one of the things we've learned, kinda just like the quick and dirty pressure-mounted baby gate.

On to the next stage of getting these energetic monkeys to bed.

Joanna: Okay, it's time to brush our teeth and hair.

Let's go!

Holden: Yay, let's go.

Joanna: So I found a really great way to distract them while I brush their hair is to have them brush their teeth.

And then we will floss in their bedroom, with me kinda over them, because that's a tricky one.

So I like to use these kind of flossers to floss their teeth.

They actually don't seem to mind it.

So what I do is I lay them on the ground, I kind of pin them down, but I'm not putting any pressure on them. I'll show you.

Joanna: So I should mention Mia and Everly are potty trained during the day, but at night they're still in diapers.

We found with our older kids that at some point when they're 3, probably a little ways off, we will potty train at night.

You are full of beans!

Mike: So just before the twins get in their bed, we leave them with sippy cups full of water.

Multiple times throughout the night, they would wake up and cry for more water.

So we figured we'll fill it up once, and they're pretty good.

They use it throughout the night just to the end.

And we don't have to fill it up.

So far it's been okay if we just leave one in there, we're good.

So just about storytime.

Gonna read some books.

But one of those last things we do for kind of safety and convenience but kind of peace of mind more is one of these guys.

So it's just a basic Wi-Fi camera for home security.

I just hooked it up to the local network.

We don't go up to the street so that we can see it remotely.

We don't need people tapping in, but, anyway, it's just a local Wi-Fi camera. So we can keep an eye on the kids while they're sleeping just to make sure they're good and that they're not up and playing around by the windows.

Or maybe when they're sick just keep an eye on them so we can kinda make sure they haven't made a mess and they're coughing and not the other thing that they do when they're sick.

Joanna: Okay, girls, so time for stories.

Do you want to go pick your book?

Okay, go.

Other shelf, other shelf.

Right there, right on the other shelf, right there.

Joanna: Great, so it's time to say goodnight to the twins.

We always play music for them.

So they like to listen to music, and then this always helps our kids sleep: sound machine.

So all of our kids listen to ocean waves. It's perfect.

I love you.

Oh, are you showing the book?


Mike: Okay, here's Pinky and The Brown.

Mia: Pinky and The Brown!

Mike: Time to get the bigger kids ready for bed.

Time to shower this one.

I don't know where she is – she's like a shark circling the waters.

What is she about to do?

Anyway, it's time to give her a shower, and Holden's old enough – he showers himself.

Oh, she's got longer hair and she's younger.

It's tougher, but anyway.

Joanna: We are not having much luck getting the twins to bed.

They keep opening their door.

This is not uncommon.

What's going on?

Why are you guys out of bed?

Everly: It's because I have a ouchie.

Joanna: That ouchie's two days old.

Everly: Can I see, can I see?

Joanna: Get into bed.

Hey, what's it time for?

Beau: Book time.

Because someone's going into first grade.

So we need to work on our reading.

Do you want to pick one?

"And deep in the Grickle-grass, some people say, if you look deep enough you can still see, today, where the Lorax once stood just as long as it could before somebody lifted the Lorax away."

I'm gonna help you out, okay?

Goodnight, have a good sleep.

Okay, last but not least.

All right, have you brushed your teeth?

Holden: No. [Laughs]

Joanna: Okay, you go brush your teeth, please.

Mike: What is this doing in your bed?

Holden: I was playing video games.

Joanna: Don't stay up too late, okay?

Okay, don't stay up too late, okay?

Okay, goodnight.

Mike: Love you.

Joanna: And that's our bedtime routine.

It's after nine o'clock.

I'm pretty tired, but it was fairly successful.

The twins are asleep too.

If you'd like to see more videos like this, definitely subscribe to BabyCenter's YouTube channel and make sure you like it, and also hit the notification bell too.

And if you want to see more videos with our family, head to our YouTube channel, Nesting Story, and subscribe there.

There's a link below for that.

I hope all of you have a great evening and great success putting your kids to bed.

Please leave any tips or anything that works for your family below in the comments.

I'll see everyone soon, bye.

Video production by Nesting Story.

Watch the video: TWIN TODDLER BEDTIME ROUTINE. VLOG 131. Nesting Story (July 2022).


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