7 reasons babies cry

7 reasons babies cry

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Some babies cry a lot. It's tricky to know why, especially at first.

Here's help understanding your baby's cues.

#1 Hunger
Know the signs of hunger and feed your baby before crying starts. Watch for fussing, lip smacking, hands in mouth.

#2 Needs to burp
If your baby cries after a feeding, a good burp may be all he needs.

#3 Tummy trouble
Move those legs! Try a gentle bicycling motion.

#4 Dirty diaper
This is an easy one to check … and fix.

#5 Irritation
Small things you don't notice can bother your baby – scratchy clothing, buttons, tags, or a hair wrapped around a tiny finger or toe.

#6 Temperature
Babies cry when they're too cold or too hot. An easy rule: dress your baby in one more layer than you need.

#7 Wants to be held
Babies need a lot of cuddling. Your baby likes to see your face, hear your voice, listen to your heartbeat.

You can't always determine what's wrong, but you can still comfort your crying baby.

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