Baby massage: Getting started

Baby massage: Getting started

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Baby massage is a fabulous way to bond with your baby. There are many different moves and strokes that can either help stimulate your baby when she needs some playtime, nurture your baby when her digestion is unhappy, or settle your baby as part of a bedtime routine.

Before you get started, make sure you're in a quiet, calming environment, you're using a soft surface, and you have some good-quality baby cream or massage oil. Make sure you use a cream or oil gentle enough for your baby's sensitive skin.

Timing is key here. Don't try to massage your baby just before or after a meal, or when she's tired or needs a nap. You can choose to remove all your baby's clothes if the room is warm enough, or keep on the diaper, just in case.

Place your baby on a soft, warm towel on the bed or on the floor. Remove any jewelry that may catch, rub, or irritate your baby's skin. Always rub the cream or oil in your hands before making contact with your baby to warm both your hands and the cream. Your hands may soak up the first lot. Just add some more; your hands obviously need it too.

Watch your baby's reaction to each movement, and if she doesn't like anything, stop what you're doing and give your baby a cuddle instead. Enjoy.

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