Natural pain relief: Walking and changing positions (ep. 18)

Natural pain relief: Walking and changing positions (ep. 18)

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Linda Murray: Moving around and trying different positions is another natural pain-relief technique. Interestingly, your body may guide you to do this all on its own. As your contractions grow stronger, you might feel restless and want to shift positions in an effort to get more comfortable. Moving around can ease discomfort, and it can also help get your baby in a good position for delivery—a particular relief if you’re experiencing back labor, where your baby’s skull is pressing against your tailbone. You can try several types of movement and positions; for example, walk, stand, sway, lean against your partner or a wall, kneel on all fours, rock in a chair or on a birthing ball, lie on your side or straddle a stool. If you need to stay in or near your bed, it’s still possible to give some of these a try. Certain positions can also help you when you’re pushing. Your support person can suggest options for you during labor, but don’t be afraid to experiment on your own. Many women intuitively find something that works well for them. Spend some time practicing positions during pregnancy, and ask your partner to learn them, too, so he can make suggestions when you’re in labor.

Mom 1: I could bounce on the yoga ball a little bit. And at one point I tried building up pillow, like a wall of pillows, so that I could sleep against something. I was just walking and stretching and couldn’t sit passed about 8:30. I couldn’t sit even on the yoga ball.

Mom 2: Like switching positions and leaning against the couch and so forth.

Mom 3: I also had wireless monitors on me so that I could walk up and down the hall.

Mom 4: I’d been trying to walk around and to ease it. But all of my pain was in my sides and in my back. And so I’d take a few steps and have to brace on something and the walking wasn’t really working for me so I ended up sitting a lot.

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