How I get some "me time"

How I get some

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Everyone needs a break once in a while. Hear parents share how they fit some much-needed "me time" into their day.

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Me time is any time I can get it. Me time is me going to the bathroom by myself; taking a bath, taking a shower and me time is anywhere where there’s no kids.

There’s just not many hours left in a day for me so what I started doing was going running and I put on my shoes, and I put on my exercise clothes, and I say to my husband bye, I’m leaving now, and I go before anyone can stop me. Everyone has to just deal for an hour or two while mommy is out running.

Any moment when both kids are away; so that would be one is in preschool for a couple of hours and one is in a full day of school. I take that hour and a half or whatever it is and it’s all me. I don’t go do chores, I don’t scrub the floor, it’s going to yoga, it’s exercising, it’s solely for me.

I work out so I fit in me time by going for a run, going in the basement and doing a home exercise regimen off of a video. I’m fortunate enough to have a work commute so I fit in me time when I’m driving from point A to point B, changing my hats from professor to mom, and just acknowledge that I’m fitting in me time during those periods.

There’s not a lot of me time. I think we’ve made a lot of financial sacrifices for me to stay home so I think the me time comes only at night when the kids go to bed, and that’s fine.

I incorporate me time as a parent by actually getting a babysitter, and me and my husband would go out on dates together alone. That’s the best way to get some me time.

Shower is a relaxing time, but I do enjoy being in the car by myself driving to work at times. That’s the time when you do whatever you want to listen to music or whatever. Just time alone.

Me and my husband negotiate, we communicate well. Me and my husband are friends so I can tell him I need some time, because when I’m not right, the house isn’t right.

The way that I fit in me time as a parent is to make a list, to set up reminders on my iPhone, to write sticky notes and put them on my wall have me time, which for me is to exercise and to act. Whatever it is I can do. I have to do it to keep my sanity, and if I don’t people can really tell.

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