How to pick up and put down a baby

How to pick up and put down a baby

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How to pick up and put down your baby

Who knew you'd need to watch a video on how to do this?

How to pick up your baby

One hand supports your baby's neck

The other supports your baby's bottom

Your baby's head is the heaviest part of his body

Neck muscles aren't strong enough to help hold it up

Spread your fingers wide to really support your baby's head and neck

How to put down your baby

Lean down as close as you can to the surface you're placing your baby on

Lay your baby down gently (duh!)

Use your arms, legs, and core – not your back

Bonus round
How to pass your baby to another person

Sit or stand near the person holding the baby

Put one hand behind your baby's neck and head, and the other under your baby's bottom

Don't let go until the other person is ready

Now you're an expert!

Enjoy those baby snuggles

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